Monday, January 12, 2009

Shot Of The Day

Over the weekend I had to leave town on business. I knew it would be a short trip; leave Friday early afternoon and return home Sunday early afternoon. I packed up and decided since it was mostly business I would leave the camera bag at home. It's heavy and bulky and it would be locked in my hotel room all weekend. Such a pain to drag around.

On the drive home Sunday morning across the Wisconsin winter countryside, the temperature and humidity were just right. The trees on the ridges of the snow covered rolling farmland were covered in an otherworldly hoar frost. A beautiful white crust of frozen fog covered the dark grey Ash and Oak. The golden dried grasses sticking up through the snow glittered with feathery crystals. Rolling snow covered fields, frosted trees, moody sky, old barns......... no camera.

Lesson learned.

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