Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Learning To See

When I go out to shoot I can almost as a rule delete the first 50 images or so. Why? My brain takes time to relax and my vision needs time distill the scene down to what I'm really seeing and feeling. Feeling? For me photography has a Zen aspect. It relaxes me. It centers me. When I go out to shoot though it takes time to get there mentally. We've all taken a photo of a beautiful scene only later to toss it because it didn't really capture the moment. One morning on a short vacation I was sipping coffee in a friends dining room. I was feeling tired and stressed from the day before when through my cluttered mind I noticed the orchids next to me. I knew there was something there but I wasn't sure what I wanted to shoot. After a while I began to see them looking out the window at the rising sun just as I had been doing. I shot different images for about a half hour. I really love the light and the shadows on the flowers. It's a very peaceful images for me that brought my balance back that day.

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