Saturday, August 29, 2009

A walk to recharge

Today was a chilly (57) day and really windy and dark. It's actually warmer today up by my friend in Fairbanks. I had a pretty stress filled week and really not feeling too creative. I was out with my dog near one of my shooting places. It's a 40 acre or so conservancy area that is mostly prairie, some Oak stands and a couple small ponds. Summer colors were coming to an end, it's windy as heck and I was working so I left the camera bag at home.

Decided to let the dog run and did an hour or so hike on the trails. We had a couple days of nice rain and the prairie was alive with all new color. The Goldenrod, Aster and Chicory were in full bloom. There are also a lot of flowers I haven't figured out yet. It was actually nice to not have the camera and just look around imagining shots.

I'll be back tomorrow.

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