Monday, August 24, 2009

Get out and shoot

It's inevitable. Summer is coming to an end. There are still lots of colors out there to shoot but man oh man if you miss a week some of the stuff is long gone. Gone till next year. I took a long walk with the dog through one of my prairie areas and was amazed at how much changed in a week. Most of the Grey Headed Coneflowers were done, Black Eyed Susans too. It you're serious about shooting flowers there is no time to waste. During the next four weeks the Asters will be up. The Thistles are starting to flower now and the Monarchs are out fueling up. There is still lots to do. The bugs are out in force. Bees are really active and soon the late flowers like Sedum and Aster will be in bloom. Don't waste a good day. Before we know it the fall winds will kick up and the trees will be changing.

Why no photo? I'm headed out to shoot. I can edit later.

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