Sunday, March 15, 2009

Large Scale Display

Here is a project that I reluctantly agreed to. I wasn't convinced that it would look good or even work. The end results were awesome. I took an image that a friend liked, cropped it to a perfect square and had it printed 36 by 36. Yes a three foot square print. The print was super sharp and the main subject was dead center although I think if you pay attention to the cut lines there are some pretty cool possibilities. The large print was then cut into 9, 12 inch squares and each was framed with a very simple, thin black mat. We hung them then with a space between the frames making a mosaic that measured about 43 inches square.

What were the difficulties? Freaking out cutting up a VERY expensive print for one. A mistake on one of the nine and you had to print the entire print over. Why not do nine separate prints? My main worry was not having consistent color and contrast on all 9 prints. Also, the cost wasn't really that much less. Hanging the project was kind of a pain too. Spacing and leveling was critical. I think they have to straighten them all the time too.

Would I do it again? Probably. I think I would do it with canvas prints without frames though.

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